Fly by Wi-Fi

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Fly by Wi-Fi is the iPad App for Microsoft Flight Simulator lovers


Fly by Wi-Fi works with Microsoft Flight Simulator Series to control your aircraft panels and instruments.

Moreover, it offers various information screens like Flight Tracking, Flight Plan, and PDF viewer for your flight documents.


It’s time to Fly by Wi-Fi, today. 😉





– Tracking mode support

Where am I flying now? you can follow your aircraft position and flight path.

And you can share your flight path with your friends


– Flight plan page support

You can bring your flight plan on your iPad easily.


– PDF viewer inside

Just set your PDF charts folder in Fly by Wi-Fi Server.

You can download and open your PDF chart whenever you want.


– Aircraft panel controls support

You can control various aircraft panels at your fingertips.


Auto Pilot (OBS, N1, IAS, Heading, Altitude, Vertical speed, CMD A)

Radio Stack(NAV1 , NAV2)

Flight Instruments(Spoiler, Flap, Landing Gear, Trims)





– Installed copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

– Fly by Wi-Fi Server

To enjoy Fly by Wi-Fi, you need to install Fly by Wi-Fi Server.

You can download at our support website. (

– FSUIPC4 or 3

Fly by Wi-Fi Server works with FSUIPC to communicate with Microsoft Flight Simulator Series.

You can meet more details at our support website. (


For more details about our apps, visit our support website.